TutuApp ( iOS 14 Download, iPhone in 2020 )

TutuApp App Store includes the best third-party apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Now you can easily download thousands of apps, games, tweaks, and your desired stuff for your iOS smartphone with a few taps.


Now within a few seconds download your favorite games like Minecraft PE, Pokemon GO along with exclusive versions of apps like Snapchat Spotify, and hundreds of other apps available only a click away.

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Features of TutuApp:

Also, take a look at some of the exclusive features of TutuApp below:

  • Available in two versions: By the way, TutuApp for iPhone can be downloaded in two versions, One is the Free and the other is the VIP version. From its name, you can clearly differentiate between these two versions. VIP version has something that the free version lacks, simply that is the thing.
tutuapp vip
  • Regular Updates: From now onwards you don’t have to wait and search for the latest version of your required app because all the updates and news can be accessed in this app store on regular basis.
app updates
  • Fast Downloader: There is a builtin easy and fast downloader, through which you can download your files within less time.
app fast download
  • Compatible: Almost every version of iOS is compatible with this iOS App Store.
compatible tutuapp ios
  • Thousands of Apps & Games: Download thousands of apps and games directly on your phone.

How to Download TutuApp and Install?

  1. First of all, Open Safari Browser and download the profile for TutuApp from the provided download source.
  2. Wait until the download process is complete.
  3. Then, Go to Settings → General → Profiles Management.
  4. Click on the Profile of TutuApp and select the option “Trust This App” and you are all Done.
download tutuapp ios
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does TutuApp work on iOS version 13?

Yes, By over own experience and knowledge, it works fine on the iOS 13, but make sure that you use the latest and updated version of TutuApp so that any bugs or issues that are present in the previous version got removed and fixed.

Is it still free?

TutuApp is a totally free App Store for iPhone, you can download it from a trusted source for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch even for PC and for Android, it is available too.

Does TutuApp requires any complex permissions?

No, TutuApp doesn’t need any sort of complex and unknown permissions from your iOS device, it can be easily installed just like any normal app.


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