Install & Uninstall Tweaks from AppValley

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How to Install Tweaks from AppValley?

Step. 01 Open the AppValley from your app drawer on your iOS device.

Step. 02 Tap on search bar, or you can choose any app from the home screen.

search tweaked apps from appvalley

Step. 03 Search anything like WhatsApp++, which gives you a ton of features where you can’t have from the typical WhatsApp, for example.

search tweaked apps

Step. 04 Find the tweaked app you want to have and tap to install it right away.

Step. 05 Once installed, with your permission, if the original app is already in your system, a prompt asks you to remove it first. Once you removed the origin app, you can now proceed to install the tweak.

How to Uninstall Tweaks?

You can follow these steps.

Step. 01 Go to System Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Step. 02 Select the app tweak you want to remove and open settings.

Step. 03 Tap on “Delete App.”

Step. 04 To proceed, tap on “Delete App” so you remove the tweaked app from your device.

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