iNDS Emulator

Gamers world is a kind of a big one, and when it comes to Nintendo DS, there is a special place in their hearts. When we are talking about the gaming consoles, Nintendo DS should stay on the top rank. It is a worldwide popular gaming console. You can play the fabulous Nintendo Games that can make you addicted for a long time.

Why Nintendo DS Special?

The Nintendo games are enjoyable to play. If you are someone who loves to play Nintendo games, but you use the iOS and do not have the Nintendo gaming console then, do not worry because you can play all of the Nintendo games with the Nintendo emulator on your iOS.

Features of iNDS

  • You can play every Nintendo game in full HD resolution without a glitch because the emulator has the system requirements to run a game smoothly
  • The user interface is easy to understand and very snappy. As a result, you get a lag-free Experience
  • You can enlarge the whole screen and get a feeling as you are playing in the big gaming world
  • The developers push updates frequently, so the bugs always get fixed in proper time
  • The emulator does not contain a virus, malware, ransomware. Therefore, it is safe and secure to use on your personal IOS device
  • You can download any game from the game store

How to Download iNDS with AppValley

  1. First of all, download and install the AppValley on your device.
  2. Search on AppValley search bar as “iNDS”.inds download
  3. Click the “GET” button to install.
  4. Go to Settings, >> General >> Profile and find the Emulator profile and trust it.
  5. That’s it, and you are now ready to use the Nintendo Emulator


  • Will it slow down the system like other emulators? Yes, Like every other emulator. But not as much as other emulators currently available on the iOS market. You can always tune the emulator and your system when you feel it is slowing down your iOS device
  • Is it free to use? If you download the Nintendo emulator for IOS via the AppValley app store, then it is free
  • Are all the games from Nintendo free? Not all Nintendo games are free. However, there many free games available for you in the emulator. You can install free games and enjoy yourself. Some of the free games are exciting. Besides, you can purchase the Nintendo games anytime.

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