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Applications have certainly made the lives of all much easier, and this will see in the day-to-day activities that instantly you can complete. AppValley will consider as an all-new platform that can be used to download several mod, cracked, tweaked apps or games with a simple search, without any price tag. The installation can be done quickly and can be noticed as well, without any risks. Most of the applications available on the AppValley are considered to be regularly updated so that it suits the requirements of all the users.

Most importantly, this can be considered one of the safest app stores there is. Unfortunately, AppValley is not available for the Android, Only available for iOS to Download Click here. But we figured-out the closest app store like AppValley for Android.

What Purpose Does AppValley Serve?

AppValley serves an essential functionality of getting in touch with most of the tweaked applications, games that are available online. These MODs can be either server-side or locally installed apps, games. With that in mind, it also ensures complete safety and security as well so that the users can stay connected all the time and refine their app need with utmost simplicity.

Most Impressive Features

  • Free to download & everything on the app store are free too
  • Jailbreaking is not required
  • It is one of the safest app stores there for iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod)
  • Almost every app or game available on Apple app store is free on AppValley
  • The choice is given to you to decide what kind of version you need of a stock app with 4 App categories Read More
  • Easy to surf & Download
  • ACMarket. Support on 99% of iOS versions

Best Android App Store with AppValley Features

download acmarket appstore

With the criteria we followed we consider closest to AppValley android is ACMarket. It has similar features, trusted by millions of Android users and you can download pretty-much every MOD version of app or game you like.

ACMarket is considered one of the best alternatives that can be used to download several applications.

The specifications of the ACMarket are more or less the same, and the APK store that is attached to it can be used successfully to download all of the applications one by one.

The features of the app are more or less the same, and some of the most updated ones are as follows

  • The app ultimately maintains a user-friendly interface
  • ACMarket is very fast, even faster than many app stores currently available
  • It is the safest there is after the Play Store
  • Similar to AppValley, it has different app sections
  • 1 Million apps to download
  • Regular updates to the ACMarket & apps available on the store is regularly updating as well
  • App Permission transparency

How to Download and Install the ACMarket?

When one has decided to get in touch with the ACMarket.apk, the following steps can be ensured to download the application without any difficulties.

Step. 01 Before the download process starts, please make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” in the setting. You can find it on the following path (Settings -> Security).

unknown resources

Step. 02 Follow the link given below to download the latest ACMarket APK. This link is from our trusted source Trusted by ACMarket developers.

Step. 03 Please proceed with the installation (It is not requiring many permissions, but it is important to know before you install an app).

Step. 04 Done, Search the ACMarket on your android app drawer to get started.

The MOD Apk file can be downloaded easily with ACMarket.

After opening it (Similar process to any other app on Android), search the app you need on the search bar or surf through the app store to find a suitable one.


  • How far is the AC market considered a supported version for the users? Keeping up with the suitability of the AC market, the application has its advantages which the users can likely use to get hold of better applications. While talking about the security option, it is safe to use it & millions of users using it around the world
  • Is this store offline? It is not. Like any other app store on Android, this is online. It is online to give all benefits to users
The Final Take on ACMarket

There is complete suitability with this offline app as the users stay connected with more and more applications that keep their lived updated. Along with that, the advantages of it make up for better user interface and bring into account higher sustenance as well.

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