Alternative App Stores for iOS and Android

The default stores to download apps in Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) are not always enough for us to download the desired mobile apps to use. Therefore, we have to use external methods to first find and install the apps on our devices.

app stores like appValley

Some third-party app stores have most of the applications not in the official app stores in Android and iOS. They have some modded apps, hacked games, emulators, and so on to download to ease our experience of using our devices.

In this article, we share a few third-party app stores that you can download to your devices, and then from these app stores, you can get your desired applications. Here below, we will discuss some of the best app stores for iOS or Android.


EonHub, user-friendly and straightforward App Store that allows its users to install tweaks, hacked games, emulators, torrent clients, and jailbreak tools on any of the iOS devices. Moreover, it works from a browser and has you installed any app even without PC support. It is the Ignition Team that brought this App Store to you. EonHub is not an official iOS app; instead, it works directly from the Safari browser.



AltStore, replacement or an alternative App Store that lets its users install and self-signing unofficial apps and game emulators. It is different from the previous one as it requires a Windows PC or Mac computer to begin the installation process. It can be easily downloaded from the site and is comparatively safe rather than a jailbreak. All you need to use AltStore is your iOS device, a Windows or Mac computer, and a USB connection cable for your iPhone or iPad.



CokernutX, known as a “revoke-proof app store.” Due to its free nature and a fantastic set of features, it is prevalent among the masses. When you use it, no more jailbreaking is needed. It provides a free apps inventory in a secured manner. Users enjoy their smooth and gleaming layout.


Panda Helper:

Panda Helper, unofficial app store. It is compatible with all Android models and versions. Being very handy, it provides easy access to desired content without any need for jailbreaking. It comes without any bugs as they fix through daily updates. It also helps your apps to be updated regularly. Also, it provides many exclusive tweaks for your Android set.

panda helper


ACMarket, third-party app store. It working is easy to understand. All you need is to download the store’s APK file and go through its installation’s simple steps. Once you reach the main page, you can search for apps effortlessly as they are arranged based on their categories. ACMarket is also a free App Store providing you with thousands of apps and games that you cannot access through the Official Google Play.



BlackMart APK, unique in its type as it does the search for your desired content and install apps of your interest on any android device. Though it provides all content free, unfortunately, limited apps are available on this platform. Thus you have fewer apps to choose from. It is undoubtedly best suiting to those who have an android handset and see themselves interested in having some great apps without paying even a little cost.



HappyMod, best-known Apps Manager for the android system. It is an ideal tool to manage and share APK files on android devices more conveniently and for free. It helps you save space on android devices removing apps that are less frequently use or not used at all. Even you can manage to keep more of your phone space by shifting Apps and Games to an SD card. It allows you to share links with friends to enjoy together.



It is a website online which allows users to download APK apps or files. Using APPVN Android, a user can download the best of free android games and great android apps for android tablets or phones free. Apple allows you to instantly download and update pre-registered games and a lot of other apps on Android. It is a collection of self-contained and handy app managing tools for Android OS, App and APK management, APK downloader, and even more.

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