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AppValley, the possibilities are simply endless. While the application is highly conducive for those dedicated gamers who love to spend their time being the warriors and saviors of the world.


There, it also grants you access to a plethora of other applications that we bet you never knew existed! With AppValley App, you can broaden your horizons in terms of the best features you can get out of your device, its applications, and best of all, for not a single penny! It gives you the satisfaction of merely enjoying enhanced versions of the everyday applications that you would otherwise be using.

If you are hurry to move into your first experience with an App Store like this, use one of the following links to visit page relevance to your device.

Impressive Features of AppValley

We think AppValley is the next best thing that the world is about to see coming for the many following reasons:

  • Does not require complicated processes such as Jailbreak (for iOS) or Rooting (Android)
  • They are taking the number of safety measures to ensures a better user experience
  • Potential to download thousands of popular games via the iOS App Store
  • Many tweaked (plus/++) applications available for free download
  • Supports almost any iOS Operating System
  • Updates come out nearly every month
  • It is FREE!

If it is not apparent yet as to why you need to have the AppValley tweaking engine on your phone, let us tell you one more reason why. It stands out among many other similar applications of its kind considering its full availability across both iOS and Android platforms, significantly.

Is it impressed yet? For the best user experience on your device with access to its full range of features, click on the following links to download AppValley for your iOS or Android device.

Been using AppValley and not completely happy with its performance? No problem! The One-click Rollback option lets you claim your warranty provided by the carrier or the vendor.

Download AppValley for iOS

download appvalley ios

 Download (iPhone)

Time and time again, one of the most commonly heard of stories about iOS devices is that their usability range seriously backdated, and hence is impossible for a user to explore its maximum potential. Given the increasing technological tendencies of today’s users, the need for a tweaking application such as AppValley is becoming critical, if not essential. Gaining full accessibility to the various range features and possibilities that iOS devices offer is a no-brainer with the comprehensive mechanism of AppValley.

To go a further mile, AppValley designed to provide full compatibility across both the iPhone as well as the iPad. With frequent updates to their applications, the developers of AppValley ensure that the core functionalities of the apps are always in sync to provide a seamless user experience.

Download for Android

download appvalley android

Download (Android)

Over the better part of the past decade or so, the world has been at quite the tie between the population of Android and iOS users, and as for what we can see, nothing about it seemingly going to change for the most extended period coming. While both the systems each have their strengths and weaknesses, the best feature of Android systems is that it is vastly free – it possibility using various applications given its free and open-source software compatibility is limitless.

That said, it is essential to know that there can still be certain restricted features to which users may not have full access too. This where having an application such as AppValley will do you a big load of good.

How to use AppValley

AppValley is an application that can be used as a gateway to install a wide range of applications, which otherwise restricted access for many mobile devices that run on both iOS as well as Android software. Once you install AppValley, you unlock the potential to access an unlimited number of applications, most of which are usually unavailable in the conventional Official App Stores. The process of using the app is so simple, and here is how you can do it yourself.

  1. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, click on the AppValley icon to open ios app
  2. Once the application launched, you may search for any categories you want to on the search bar at the top of the app
  3. Once you locate the application you would like to download, click on the “GET” button to download it and thereon, follow the instructions generated by the installation wizard.
  4. Unlock the most genuine potential of your device and have fun with your favorite games at the cost of nothing!

Types of Apps, Different Categories

apps categories

There are so many exciting features that grab the attention of users, especially the user can access or download Unlimited Apps; this apps works similar to Cydia and Tweakbox. The features of the app are highly supporting the game lovers; here, an individual can also do recording screens during play, extend life while playing. Top-rated games such as Candy Crush Saga, Coin Master every game has additional features that are entirely free.

  • iOS Apps – Applications and Games specifically designed to be compatible with iPhones and iPads.
  • Selective Apps – Facilitating applications including screen recorders, games, emulators such as GBA4iOS, Happy Chick and etc.
  • Modified Apps – Applications that have been enhanced to provide additional features as opposed to their regular versions.

AppValley is Completely Safe


With the growing concern for data and information security in the world, at AppValley, “Security” makes one of the key pillars in our fundamental product development concept. The layers of protection surrounding AppValley on different ends guarantees a safe transition during processes such as installing applications via third party platforms, regardless of the device used.

Compatible for iOS 13


The process of downloading AppValley is pretty straightforward- it couldn’t make any easier! The designers are always on the move and are proactively engaged in fixing any existing issues and patching them up consistently. AppValley bolstered with the most recent iOS 13 firmware without jeopardizing any security highlights that have been presented by Apple. The application is self-sufficing- meaning it coexists within different iOS administrations and applications with absolutely no friction or strife.

No need to Jailbreak Anymore


This biggest win of all – the needlessness of the tiring and mostly frustrating process that is jailbreaking! The best solution for this is AppValley has come with the best third-party app installers to replace many of its older counterparts, such as Cydia. Anybody can download AppValley on their phone at absolutely no cost, and jump right in to use it without the hassle of having to jailbreak.

Easy to Uninstall


We can guarantee that using AppValley will be no fool’s errand on your part. The simplicity of its downloading, installing, handling as well as deletion are all features that contribute to how practical this application is. Supposing that you download the app and use it but you are not completely happy with it (although this is not quite possible!!),

You can just as quickly erase it and restore your device to its default state by following one of these simple mechanisms.

Strategy 1: Through the Settings

  1. Launch your Settings and go to General > Profile
  2. Locate and tap on “Profile”
  3. Select “Remove Profile”

And just like that, you are now free of the AppValley Application on your device!

Strategy 2: From the Home Screen

  1. On the home screen, find the AppValley icon.
  2. Tap and hold to go into “Squirm” mode
  3. On the top corner of the icon, find the “cross” symbol and clock on it.
  4. Tap “Delete” when a prompt appears to confirm the action

Yet that simply, AppValley will be erased on your device.

Strategy 3: Configuring Profile

A popular query is that sometimes, users have trouble trying to clear the application on their device using the above methods. If you experience a similar issue, here is how you go about it.

  1. Download application from the connected page by tapping on “Configuration Profile.”
  2. Mood killer Airdrops on your iOS gadget by going to Control Centre
  3. Erase the application profile from your device by following Method 1 above

As you have seen for yourself, AppValley exists to make life easier for you! Go on ahead, get it on your device today. We guarantee you will love it- and on the off that you don’t, uninstall it!

Special Note: Visit us on our YouTube Channel for a short and easy-to-comprehend tutorial and reference manual for built-in AppValley functions, suitable for all users belonging to beginner, intermediate as well as advanced user ranges.


What Offers by AppValley?

Among the general crowd, This application is most famous as one of the best alternative App Store for download the latest “Plus-plus” (++) apps, which are the most common tweaks in the world. But you can find the most important tweaks to your daily apps even though they don’t have a ++ companion, yet with a highly trusted and secure source.

This app is free for a lifetime. You can have a considerable amount of features for free, yet for advanced features, like accessing the unlimited portal of app repositories.

Why is this the Best App Store over Others?

If you are a thinker and want to look at the outside, for this instance how many extra features that you can use outside the box,

Well, the VIP Edition is the right suite for your excellent adventure.

However, the freeware does not push you to go for the VIP edition, giving you an enormous amount of ads; this is a complete choice of yours.

Using VIP, you can feel the freedom of having all the tweaks you deserve with no boundaries. VIP services let you access the premium sources and repositories where you can receive any tweak to any app with a trusted platform implementation.

The AppValley VIP services are affordable, just because it saves money that you might be investing in premium app services to experience the full functionalities.